Sashi Moorman is a winemaker and consulting winemaker for a handful of excellent wineries, including Stolpman Vineyards, Evening Land Vineyards, and Sandhi Wines

Amy Pastan is an independent writer, editor, and book producer based in Washington, DC. She has written books on Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Farm Securities Administration photographers, and the First Ladies of the United States. 

Peter Pastan is chef and owner of the Obelisk restaurant and Two Amys Pizzeria, both in Washington, DC. He has a few obsessions: salt cod, anchovies, and (now that he is spending time in Santa Barbara County) ridgeback shrimp from the Santa Barbara Channel.

Melissa Sorongon manages September Consulting, the winemaking consulting business begun by Sashi Moorman in 2005. Previously, she owned and operated an eponymous tutoring business in Santa Barbara, specializing in writing, literature, and college essays.